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Become a holiday resort manager and move to Tropical Mania
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Tropical Mania 2.6 is a time management game developed by iWin Inc.
In Tropical Mania 2.6 we can build and manage our own resorts in an island. The key to our business is to keep clients happy and satisfy all their needs. If we serve right a customer, he will give us a good tip. New buildings are unlocked when we reach the proper amount of money. When a new building is unlocked we can place it in any of the circled locations.
Tropical Mania features poor graphics, which doesn´t help to get a great game. Although many time management games have also simple graphics, in this game we can appreciate something under average. If only the gameplay was a little bit different from others this graphics could have been a minor flaw. This game is clearly inferior in comparison to other games such as Cake Mania and Turbo Fiesta.
Music and sound effects are again poor, and the gaming experience is a little boring.
Tropical Mania 2.6 is a full featured time limited trial version. This trial version will stop working after 60 minutes. To keep playing the game must be registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Original business for a time management game


  • Poor graphics, music and sound effects
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